Class Policies

  extended bycom.ssh.sft.Policies

public class Policies
extends Object

Interfaces for interactive queries and notifications from the Secure File Transfer service.

Nested Class Summary
static interface Policies.All
          The universal policy interface.
static interface Policies.Copy
          The policy interface for copying files.
static interface Policies.CopyDir
          The policy interface for recursive copying of a directory.
static interface Policies.Dir
          The policy interface for recursive operations on directories.
static interface Policies.Move
          The policy interface for moving files.
static interface Policies.MoveDir
          The policy interface for recursive moving of a directory.
static interface Policies.Remove
          The policy interface for removing files.
static interface Policies.RemoveDir
          The policy interface for recursive removal of a directory.
Constructor Summary
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Constructor Detail


public Policies()