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Appendix B Configuring Tectia SSH Terminal GUI and Tectia Secure File Transfer GUI (Windows)

You can configure the Tectia user interface by clicking the User Interface Settings button on the toolbar, or by selecting the Edit → User Interface Settings option.

The different settings categories are visible on the left-hand side of the Settings dialog as a tree structure.

Click on a branch to display the settings associated with it. You can change the settings by changing the selections displayed on the right-hand side of the Settings dialog. Note that some of the settings do not take effect until you save the settings and then open a new terminal or file transfer window, or start a new connection.


Tectia ConnectSecure includes two configuration tools:

  • Tectia Connections Configuration GUI (behind the icon) is used to edit the connection settings

  • User Interface Settings tool (behind the icon) is used to edit the Tectia SSH Terminal GUI and Tectia Secure File Transfer GUI.

For instructions on the connection configurations, see Tectia Connections Configuration GUI.

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