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Tectia Connections Configuration GUI

You can use the Tectia Connections Configuration GUI to edit the authentication and connection profile settings on the Connection Broker included in Tectia ConnectSecure.

Tectia Connections Configuration GUI is available on Windows and Linux for Tectia Client and Tectia ConnectSecure. There are some differences in the GUI options between different OS platforms and product versions. The following screen shots typically show Tectia Client on Windows. When the differences are important, also Tectia ConnectSecure screens or screens from the Linux version are shown.

Connection profile tabs on Linux

Figure A.1. Connection profile tabs on Linux

Connection profile tabs on Windows

Figure A.2. Connection profile tabs on Windows

On Linux, the Tectia Connections Configuration GUI interface differs from the Windows version most notably with the following exceptions:

  • Transparent Tunnels cannot be configured with a GUI. The FTP Security page for FTP conversions is available together with Connection Capture and Filter Rules.

  • The Windows, Colors, Terminal, File Transfer and Favorite Folders tabs of a connection profile are not available.

  • The Microsoft Crypto API and Entrust options on the Key Providers page are not available.

  • The Linux GUI does not have the Help button for accessing the help contents.


Only KDE and Gnome window managers are supported. For other compatible managers, check the website for the Qt framework.


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