Chapter 2 Installing Tectia ConnectSecure

Table of Contents

Preparing for Installation
System Requirements
Hardware and Disk Space Requirements
Installation Packages
Upgrading Previously Installed Tectia ConnectSecure Software
Downloading Tectia Releases
Installing the Tectia ConnectSecure Software
Installing on AIX
Installing on HP-UX
Installing on Linux
Installing on Solaris
Installing on Windows
Removing the Tectia ConnectSecure Software
Removing from AIX
Removing from HP-UX
Removing from Linux
Removing from Solaris
Removing from Windows
Files Related to Tectia ConnectSecure
File Locations on Unix
File Locations on Windows
Registry Keys on Windows
Symlinks between ssh/scp/sftp and sshg3/scpg3/sftpg3 (on Unix)

This chapter gives instructions on installing (and removing) Tectia ConnectSecure for each supported platform, and lists the locations of the Tectia files.