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Enabling Direct MVS Dataset Access (z/OS)

If the FTP-SFTP conversion or the scpg3 and sftpg3 clients are mainly used for MVS dataset transfers to or from z/OS hosts, and you want to enable direct MVS dataset access on the server side, you need to activate extended streaming in the Connection Broker configuration with the scpg3 and sftpg3 settings; or when using the command line clients, with the --streaming=ext option. For information, see scpg3(1) and sftpg3(1).

Use the extended streaming only in connections to z/OS hosts, as it can slow down the transfer of small files in other environments. The traditional SFTP protocol or basic streaming cannot be used, because they require staging.

Also checksums cannot be used in connections to z/OS hosts, because checksum calculation requires staging, and then also the file transfers use staging. Deactivate the checksum mode from the Connection Broker configuration.