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SSH Tectia

SSH Tectia Shortcut Menu (Windows)

When SSH Tectia ConnectSecure (or Connection Broker) is running on Windows, and if so selected in the General settings in the SSH Tectia Configuration GUI, the SSH Tectia icon is displayed on the system tray, typically next to the time display at the bottom of the Windows desktop.

Double-click the SSH Tectia icon to open the Status dialog box, or right-click it to open a shortcut menu.

The contents of the shotcut menu depend on what is defined in the SSH Tectia Configuration GUI in the General view (see Defining General Settings).

The shortcut menu of the Status dialog box

Figure A.47. The shortcut menu of the Status dialog box

In the menu, you have the following options:

  • Transparent tunneling enabled is shown in the menu if the transparent TCP tunneling feature has been installed and configured active on the machine when the Connection Broker starts.

    You can disable transparent TCP tunneling temporarily by unselecting the option in the shorcut menu. This setting does not affect the Connection Broker configuration, only the current Connection Broker session.

  • Configuration opens the SSH Tectia Configuration GUI.

  • Status opens the SSH Tectia Status window where you can view information on the Connection Broker. For details, see SSH Tectia Status Dialog Box (Windows).

  • About shows the installed SSH Tectia ConnectSecure version.




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