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Tectia Features per Product

The following table lists the features provided by Tectia Client, ConnectSecure, and Server.

Table 6.3. Tectia products and their features

Feature Client ConnectSecure Server
FTP-SFTP conversion x
Transparent FTP tunneling x
Transparent TCP tunneling x
SFTP API for C (on all platforms) x
SFTP API for Java 1.4.2 (on 32-bit Linux, Solaris SPARC, and 32-bit and 64-bit Windows) x
Checkpoint/restart mechanismxxx
Streaming for high-speed transfersx[a]x[a]x
Prefix for files in transferxxx
Versatile command-line tools (sshg3, scpg3, sftpg3)xxx
Terminal GUI on Windowsxx
File transfer GUI on Windowsxx
Configuration GUI on Windowsxxx
CryptiCore encryption (on Linux and Windows)xxx
Support for connections to standard Secure Shell v2 serversxxx
Secure terminal server x
FTP-SFTP conversion (server side) x
SFTP server x
Transparent tunneling server x
Support for SFTP API (from other platforms) x

[a] Requires Tectia Server as the counterpart.

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