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Centralized Management

Tectia client/server solution can be managed centrally with Tectia Manager in a corporate network. Tectia Manager is a separate product which can be used to install, configure and monitor Tectia client/server solution on the hosts with no local administrator or end- user intervention required. Tectia Manager can also produce security reports for compliance audits.

The centralized management reduces the total cost of ownership for the Tectia environment. With Tectia Manager, the manual work and time spent on maintenance tasks decreases significantly because there is one centralized repository and distribution point of Tectia software and security policy configurations. This makes it possible to concentrate the management ad administration of Tectia products to a limited number of experts, which also helps controlling the consistency and relevance of the configurations used.

Restriction: Tectia Manager cannot be used to manage the mainframe-installed SSH servers, Tectia Server for Linux on IBM System z and Tectia Server for IBM z/OS.

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