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SSH Tectia

Secure System Administration

One of the most widely used applications of Secure-Shell-based products is to replace the unsecured login protocols, Rlogin, Telnet, and FTP with secure alternatives. The SSH Tectia client/server solution is based on SSH Secure Shell, used worldwide for secure system administration.

Figure 5.8 shows a typical SSH Tectia environment for secure system administration. In this example, the managed servers reside in the DMZ network, and the system administrator connects to them over the Internet using SSH Tectia Client. In this scenario, SSH Tectia Client software is installed in the system administrator's workstation and the SSH Tectia Server software in the managed server.

Secure system administration with SSH Tectia client/server solution

Figure 5.8. Secure system administration with SSH Tectia client/server solution

Unlike the competing Secure-Shell-based products for secure remote administration, SSH Tectia provides also centralized management with SSH Tectia Manager. This eliminates the need for local on-site configuration and maintenance, since SSH Tectia Manager can be used to centrally manage SSH Tectia Client, ConnectSecure, and Server. SSH Tectia Manager helps company IT to reduce the operating costs related to software and configuration management, and offers advanced monitoring capabilities from a central location.




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