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SSH Tectia

Protecting a Healthcare Application with SFTP

In this scenario, SSH Tectia is used to secure file-transfer-based desktop application connections to a server. The transferred files contain healthcare-related information, which means that they must be protected as defined in the HIPAA legislation.

It is very common for enterprises to have desktop applications that use FTP as transfer method to a remote server. However, because of stricter security policies, a more secure solution must be implemented.

SSH Tectia Client with EFT Expansion Pack can be integrated into existing applications through the SFTP API so that unsecured FTP transfers can be replaced with SFTP transfers. The API integration needs to be done only once, as the same application package can be deployed to all necessary desktops.

Protecting healthcare information

Figure 5.10. Protecting healthcare information

The deployment and management of all SSH Tectia hosts can be centralized with SSH Tectia Manager. SSH Tectia scales up to thousands of users, which means that it can be used even in the largest customer environments.




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