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SSH Tectia

Supported Cryptographic Algorithms, Protocols, and Standards

This section lists the supported cryptographic algorithms and standards supported by SSH Tectia client/server solution.

Public-Key Algorithms

The following public-key algorithms are supported:

  • DSA (768-, 1024-, 2048-, or 3072-bit key)

  • RSA (768-, 1024-, 2048-, or 3072-bit key)

Data Integrity Algorithms

The following data integrity algorithms are supported:

  • CryptiCore (Badger) (16-byte key)*

  • MD5 (16-byte key, RFC 2104)

  • SHA-1 (20-byte key, RFC 2104)

* Supported with SSH Tectia Server (with EFT) and Server (with Tunneling)

Encryption Algorithms

For symmetric session encryption, the following algorithms are supported:

  • 3DES (168-bit key)

  • AES (128-, 192-, or 256-bit key)

  • Arcfour (128-bit key)

  • Blowfish (128-bit key)

  • CryptiCore (Rabbit) (128-bit key)*

  • SEED (128-bit key)

  • Twofish (128-, 192-, or 256-bit key)

* Supported with SSH Tectia Server (with EFT) and Server (with Tunneling)

Additional Hardware Crypto Support (SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS)

SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS supports hardware acceleration on cryptographic operations with the following:

  • 3DES

  • AES

  • SHA-1

  • RNG (random number generation)

FIPS-Certified Cryptographic Library

SSH Tectia Server, Client, and Connector can be operated in FIPS mode, using a version of the cryptographic library that has been certified according to the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2.

The FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Library has been validated for the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows XP

  • Sun Solaris 8

  • HP-UX 11.11

In addition, the FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Library is supported on the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 and Server 2003

  • Sun Solaris 2.6, 9, 10

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3

  • AIX 5.3

  • HP-UX 11.00, 11.22, 11.23




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