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SSH Tectia

FTP-SFTP Conversion

The FTP-SFTP conversion feature is available in the EFT Expansion Pack for SSH Tectia Client and SSH Tectia Server on Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, and Windows platforms.

The SSH Tectia FTP-SFTP conversion captures the FTP traffic of an application before the transfer starts, and converts the FTP connection to SFTP. The connection is made to an SFTP server instead of an FTP server. All usernames, passwords, and data is secured. No changes to the client-side application are needed. Any existing client with FTP functionality can be used as before:

  • Interactive passive or active FTP, for example:

    • Windows Explorer FTP

    • web-browser-based FTP

    • command-line ftp

    • FTP GUI applications

  • Script-based automated FTP

  • Application hard-coded FTP

Using FTP-SFTP conversion

Figure 5.11. Using FTP-SFTP conversion

SSH Tectia Client with EFT Expansion Pack is installed on the client side and SSH Tectia Server with EFT Expansion Pack is installed on the server side. The unsecured FTP server process can be disabled.




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