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SSH Tectia

Ease of Use

  • Drop-in replacement for Telnet and FTP

    While providing a user interface similar to the widely used Telnet and FTP tools, the SSH Tectia client/server solution provides an easy and cost- effective means of securely replacing plaintext Telnet connections and file transfers in heterogeneous enterprise networks.

  • Drag-and-drop file transfers

    Easy-to-use graphical user interface for Windows allows users to securely drag-and-drop files between Windows and remote Unix/Linux/Windows/mainframe systems.

  • Windows domain authentication

    SSH Tectia Client and Server can be integrated with Windows domain authentication by using Kerberos/GSSAPI for fully transparent user authentication. Once the users are logged on to the domain, there is no need for additional interaction for Secure Shell user authentication.

  • Easy installation

    The installation process of SSH Tectia products is effortless. SSH Tectia Client can also be easily installed by the end users themselves if the security policy allows. SSH Tectia Manager is optionally available for centralized deployment and maintenance of all SSH Tectia software.

  • Configuration GUI

    SSH Tectia Client and Server for Windows offer an intuitive GUI for locally configuring all relevant Secure Shell settings needed for secure terminal access, file transfers, and static application tunneling. SSH Tectia Manager is optionally available for centralized Secure Shell configuration management and security policy enforcement.

  • XML configuration file format

    Demanding and complex security rules such as access control and authentication configurations can be easily set up by using the XML- based configuration file format. Administrators can use existing third-party XML parsers to efficiently view and edit the configurations settings.

  • User defined key mappings

    Users of SSH Tectia Client can easily create new keyboard shortcuts and edit existing ones according to their preferences.


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