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SSH Tectia

New Features in SSH Tectia Server 5.4 for IBM z/OS

Version 5.4 of SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS contains the following new features and enhancements:

Support for Generation Data Groups (GDG)

SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS now supports handling and transferring GDG-format datasets.

Support for System Management Facility (SMF)

Login and file transfer information can now be collected and stored as SMF type 119 records.

OpenSSH key format support

SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS now supports the legacy OpenSSH public-key format used by IBM Ported Tools, eliminating the need for manual key conversions in multi-vendor Secure Shell environments. The OpenSSH key format is supported in both client and server modules.

Non-hashed remote server host keys

A new configuration option in the client module can be used to select between plaintext hostkey format and hashed hostkey format for storing remote host keys.

FTP compatibility mode for put and get commands

The put and get commands of sftp2 can now be configured to work similar to FTP.

Exact byte count information of transferred file

File transfer clients now print out the exact byte count of transferred file which can be used, for example, in post processing to verify the file transfer jobs.

Improved sftp2 error codes in batch processing

sftp2 now prints out possible error codes after each file transfer step enabling easier error checking on large batch processes.

Utility for automated distribution and setup of server host keys and user public keys
  • Can be run from command line and from JCL

  • Examples for easy automated storing of server host keys

  • Examples for automated ways for setting up public-key user authentication

Documentation enhancements
  • A new Quick Start Guide contains instructions for getting the system up and running, setting up server and user authentications for non-interactive file transfers, and configuring file transfers using JCL.

  • File transfer example JCL procedure and REXX functions are provided for easier JCL execution.

  • New chapters and examples for remote command and job execution, and securing TCP applications using Secure Shell tunneling.




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