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Testing the Connection

Once the user's public key (.pub) has been uploaded to the target user account on the target server and ECDSA public keys are enabled on both Tectia Client and Tectia Server, you will get the following type of output when connecting:

$ sshg3 -vv root@
2015-08-25 11:02:58: 6200 Broker_tcp_connect, Dst:, Dst Port: 22, Src
 Port: 49236, Local username: johnd 
2015-08-25 11:02:58: 1002 Algorithm_negotiation_success, "kex_algorithm=diffie-hel
lman-group1-sha1, hostkey_algorithm=ecdsa-sha2-nistp256, cipher=crypticore128@ssh.
com/, , com
pression=none/none", Session-Id: 54 
2015-08-25 11:02:58: 6204 Broker_transport_connect, Dst:, Dst Port: 2
2, Remote username: root, Src Port: 49236, Local username: johnd, Session-Id: 54 
2015-08-25 11:02:58: 1003 KEX_success, Algorithm: diffie-hellman-group1-sha1, Modu
lus: 1024 bits, Session-Id: 54, Protocol-session-Id: 26CF99FCA2E22500E8D11511C C18
43D7613493E2 .  
2015-08-25 11:02:58: 703 Auth_methods_available, Auth methods: password,publickey,
keyboard-interactive, Session-Id: 54 

2015-08-25 11:02:58: 1210 Key_store_sign, Key path: software://0/directory_key(/
home/johnd/.ssh2/key_ecdsa)/key_id(1), Session-Id: 54  

2015-08-25 11:02:59: 6302 Broker_userauth_method_success, "publickey", Session-Id:
2015-08-25 11:02:59: 6208 Broker_connection_connect, Dst:, Dst Port: 
22, Local username: johnd, Remote username: root, Uses gateway?: No, Session-Id: 5
2015-08-25 11:02:59: 6004 Broker_exec_channel_open, Client: sshg3, Pid: 3824, Serv
er: root@, Server Port: 0, Local username: johnd, Command: <shell>, 
"Terminal width: 80 chars, Terminal height: 65 rows, Terminal width: 640 pixels, T
erminal height: 480 pixels, Stderr type: separate, Is subsystem?: FALSE, Allocate 
pty?: TRUE, X11 forwarding?: retain, Agent forwarding?: retain, X11 Display Variab
le: :0, Agent variable: (null), Term variable: vt100", Channel Id: 55 , Session-Id
: 54 
Connection destination: root@ 
Connection ID: 54
Session ID: 26cf99fca2e22500e8d11511cc1843d7613493e2
Connection opened at: Tue Aug 25 2015 11:02:58 +0300
Server authentication: publickey
User authentications completed: publickey
[#1] Server version: SSH-2.0- SSH Tectia Server 
Server hostkey algorithm: ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 
Server identity: 256 bit ecdsa key 
SHA-1: bd6a1d45f262db8095ee5e6a2eb1c3fac7111d00 
Authentication successful. 
Last login: Mon Aug 24 2015 10:25:52 -0400 from




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