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SSH Tectia

Customizing Toolbars

SSH Tectia Client has a dynamic user interface where you can select the position of the toolbars.


The File bar displayed in the file transfer window is dynamically created, and therefore it cannot be customized.

You can use the mouse to grab the toolbars by their handles (located on the left-hand end of each toolbar) and move them around the SSH Tectia Terminal GUI. You can have the toolbars floating freely in the window, or anchor them to the top, bottom or either side of the window.

It also possible to move the individual menu options. This can be done using the Commands page of the Customize dialog (see Customize Dialog).

Changes become permanent even if you do not save the settings, but you can cancel the changes and reset the view to the default settings.

To undo the changes, select View → Reset Toolbars. A confirmation dialog opens, asking if you really want to discard the changes. If you select Yes, the toolbars and menus will return to their original configuration.




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