SSH Tectia

Defining FTP-SFTP Conversion Rules (SSH Tectia Client with EFT Expansion Pack)

On the FTP-SFTP Conversion page, you can define the filter rules used for FTP-SFTP conversion.

Defining an FTP-SFTP conversion rule

Figure 4.38. Defining an FTP-SFTP conversion rule

Type the name of your FTP application in the Application to capture field or click Browse... to locate an application.

Click the Add... button to define a new filter rule in the Filter Rule dialog box. Click Edit... to modify and Delete to remove.

Defining a filter rule

Figure 4.39. Defining a filter rule

When an application connects to a host, filters are used to determine the correct action to apply to the connection. The filter list is scanned through to find a filter that matches the connection. The first filter that matches the DNS or IP address of the connection is used. Filters are evaluated from top down. Use the arrow buttons to organize the list.