SSH Tectia

Enabling FTP-SFTP Conversion (Unix)

On Unix, the ssh-convert-ftp command has to be run to activate FTP-SFTP conversion.

For example, to start an FTP session to with FTP-SFTP conversion enabled, run the following command:

$ ssh-convert-ftp ftp

SSH Tectia client/server solution has an option to allow plaintext FTP used if the secure SFTP connection cannot be established. To enable the fallback to plaintext FTP, add the -F or --fallback option to the command:

$ ssh-convert-ftp -F ftp

Make sure the client application uses passive mode for file transfer connections. When SSH Tectia Client is connected to a plaintext FTP server in fallback mode, file transfers in active mode are not supported.

To start a bash shell session with FTP-SFTP conversion enabled for all commands, run the following command:

$ ssh-convert-ftp bash

For more information, see ssh-convert-ftp (EFT Expansion Pack on Unix)(1).