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SSH Tectia

Terminal Window, View Menu

The View menu allows you to select the way the SSH Tectia Client windows are displayed.


Select the Toolbar option to toggle the toolbar on and off. When the toolbar is visible, a checkmark appears next to the Toolbar option.

Status Bar

Select the Status Bar option to toggle the status bar on and off. When the status bar is visible, a checkmark appears next to the Status Bar option.

Profiles Bar

Select the Profiles Bar option to toggle the profiles bar on and off. When the toolbar is visible, a checkmark appears next to the Profiles Bar option.


Select the Customize option to open the Customize dialog in which you can modify menu options, toolbars, menu settings, and general settings. For more information on customizing the user interface, see Customize Dialog.

Reset Toolbars

Select the Reset Toolbars option to reset the toolbar and menu positions to their original state, for example if you have misplaced a menu or toolbar option.

Reset Terminal

Select the Reset Terminal option to reset the terminal settings to the state they were in when connecting. This will clear the terminal window and the scrollback buffer and reset the keymap, character set, and fonts.




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