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SSH Tectia

File Transfer Window

SSH Tectia Client makes it easy and convenient to transfer files between your local computer and a remote host computer (server). You can upload and download files using an intuitive graphical user interface similar in functionality to Windows Explorer.

You can open the file transfer window by clicking on the New File Transfer Window button on the SSH Tectia Client toolbar, or by selecting Window → New File Transfer, or the New File Transfer in the Current Directory option. You can have an unlimited number of individual file transfer windows open at the same time.

The SSH Tectia Client File Transfer window

Figure C.4. The SSH Tectia Client File Transfer window

SSH Tectia File Transfer contains several unique features that make secure transfer operations fast and easy. Note, however, that SSH Tectia Client is not just an alternative to an FTP client. You cannot for example use the client to login to a normal, unsecured FTP server. The remote host computer must be running Secure Shell server software.

The file transfer window works similarly to Windows Explorer: it displays the contents of any open directories represented as icons and optionally gives basic information (such as size and type) on each file.

The file transfer window consists of three panes: Local View (displaying the files on your local computer), Remote View (displaying files on the server) and Transfer View (displaying files transferred between the local and remote computers).

By default, Local View is displayed on the left-hand side of the window, Remote View on right-hand side of the window, and Transfer View below the Local and Remote Views. You can change the default layout on the File Transfer page on the Global Settings section of the Settings dialog. For more information, see Defining File Transfer Settings.

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