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SSH Tectia

FTP-SFTP Conversion (EFT Expansion Pack)

The FTP-SFTP conversion component is optionally available with SSH Tectia Client with EFT Expansion Pack on Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, and Windows. See Packaging.

With FTP-SFTP conversion, SSH Tectia Client can automatically capture FTP connections on the client and convert them to SFTP and direct them to an SFTP server. The server must be running SSH Tectia Server with EFT Expansion Pack, SSH Tectia Server with Tunneling Expansion Pack, or SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS.

The FTP-SFTP conversion rules are defined in the filter-engine element of the ssh-broker-config.xml file. See the section called “The filter-engine Element (EFT Expansion Pack , SSH Tectia Connector)”.


If a global configuration file is used (when SSH Tectia Client is controlled by SSH Tectia Manager), the filter-engine settings must be made in the global configuration in /etc/ssh2/ssh-broker-config.xml on Unix, and "C:\Program Files\SSH Communications Security\SSH Tectia\SSH Tectia Broker\sshbroker-config.xml" on Windows.

Only if no global configuration files is available, the settings are read from the user-specific configuration file.

On Windows, the conversion rules can also be set with the SSH Tectia Configuration GUI on the FTP-SFTP Conversion page. See Defining FTP-SFTP Conversion Rules (SSH Tectia Client with EFT Expansion Pack).