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SSH Tectia

Removing from AIX

To remove SSH Tectia Client from an AIX environment, follow the instructions below::

  1. Remove the installation by issuing the following command with root privileges:

    # installp -u SSHTectia.Client

    (SSH Tectia Client with EFT Expansion Pack) If you had installed the ft-only package, use the following command instead:

    # installp -u SSHTectia.ClientF
  2. (SSH Tectia Client with EFT Expansion Pack) If you had the file transfer SDK installed, remove it by giving the following command:

    # installp -u SSHTectia.SDK
  3. If you want to remove also the components that are common with SSH Tectia Server, give the following command:

    # installp -u SSHTectia.Common

The uninstallation procedure removes only the files that were created when installing the software. Any configuration files have to be removed manually.