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SSH Tectia 
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Terminal Window Shortcut Menu

If you have not set the Paste on Right Mouse Click option (see Section Defining the Appearance), a shortcut menu appears when you click the terminal window with the right mouse button.

By default, the following menu options are available:

  • Copy

    Copies text onto the Windows clipboard.

  • Paste

    Pastes text from the Windows clipboard.

  • Paste Selection

    Copies the currently selected text into the cursor location without first copying it onto the Windows clipboard.

  • Select All

    Selects all of the scrollback buffer.

  • Select Screen

    Selects all text currently displayed on the screen. The rest of the scrollback buffer will not be selected.

  • Select None

    Cancels the current selection.

  • Find

    Searches for text in the scrollback buffer.

  • New Terminal

    Opens a new terminal window.

  • New File Transfer

    Opens a new file transfer window.

  • Close Window

    Closes the current window.

  • Settings

    Opens the Settings dialog.

The available options can be configured using the Customize dialog (see Section Customize).

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