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SSH Tectia 
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Using SSH Accession Lite

On the SSH Accession page of the Settings dialog you can manage the keys and certificates that are available in SSH Accession Lite.

SSH Accession Lite is a desktop authentication agent application for handling all private-key and sign-on operations for the SSH Tectia Client user. SSH Accession Lite software is included in the SSH Tectia Client distribution. With SSH Accession Lite, you do not have to provide the password for your private key each time when connecting to an SSH Tectia Server. Also, new connections from a remote server to another can be authenticated with the local private keys managed by SSH Accession Lite (authentication forwarding).

In addition to the software keys, SSH Accession Lite offers you wide support for various secure hardware tokens such as smart cards and USB tokens. For more information, see the SSH Accession Lite User Manual.

Figure : The SSH Accession page

  • Upload Public Key...

    Select a public key from the list and click Upload Public Key... to upload the key.

  • View Certificate

    Select a certificate from the list and click View Certificate to display the contents of the certificate.

  • Go to SSH Accession

    Click Go to SSH Accession to launch SSH Accession Lite.

For instructions, see Using Public-Key Authentication.

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