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SSH Tectia 
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Defining Quick Connect Options

To start a new connection with the Quick Connect option, do the following:

  1. Select the Quick Connect option (toolbar or File menu) to establish a completely new Secure Shell connection that can be operated independently of any other clients and connections. You can connect to an entirely new remote host computer and still keep the old connection to a different host open.
  2. The Connect to Remote Host dialog opens, containing the values defined in the default configuration file (default.ssh2). Click Connect.

Use the Settings dialog (see Section Saving Settings) to set the most commonly used options and save them in the default.ssh2 configuration file.

When you need to establish a new connection, click the Quick Connect button to connect to a new host with the default settings. When connected, you can modify the settings to match your exact requirements for this particular host and save the settings as a host profile. See Section Defining Profiles.

There is an even faster alternative. When you log in using the default settings, the Add Profile dialog is briefly and non-intrusively shown if it is enabled in the Appearance settings (see Section Defining the Appearance).

Figure : Type in a name for the new profile

Click the dialog and write in the name for the new profile. When you press the Enter key, the profile is automatically saved. It is accessible from the Profiles menu, and can be modified later.

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