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SSH Tectia 
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Key Generation - Enter Passphrase

On the Key Generation - Enter Passphrase page you can provide information describing the generated key pair, and protect the files with a passphrase.

Figure : Entering a passphrase for a newly generated key pair

  • File Name

    Type a name for the key file in the File Name field.

  • Comment

    In this field you can write a short comment that describes the key pair. You can for example describe the connection the files are used for. This field is not obligatory, but can be quite useful.

  • Passphrase

    Type a phrase that you have to enter when handling the key. This passphrase works in a similar way to a password and gives some protection for your private key.

    Make the passphrase difficult to guess. Use at least 8 characters, both letters and numbers. Any punctuation characters can be used as well.

    Memorize the passphrase carefully, and do not write it down.

  • Passphrase

    Type the passphrase again. This ensures that you have not made a typing error.

When you have typed the file name and typed the passphrase twice, you can click Next to proceed to the next phase.

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