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SSH Tectia 
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            Authentication Failure
            Confirm Disconnect
            Confirm File Overwrite
            Connection Failure
            Disconnected; Authentication Error
            Enter Passcode
            Enter Passphrase for Private Key
            Enter PIN
            Error Renaming
            Failed to Create an Incoming Tunnel
            Host Identification
            Host Identification Failed
            New PIN
            PAM Response
            Password Needed for PFX Integrity Check
            The Remote Host Uses SSH1 Protocol
            Wrong Passphrase
            Wrong Password - Enter Again
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        SSH1-Specific Error Messages >>
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Host Identification Failed

The identification method used by the remote host computer did not match the method expected by the client.

A change in the host identification may be caused by one of the following reasons:

  • The administrator of the remote host computer has changed the identification method.
  • The administrator of the remote host computer has changed the IP address (or the host name) of the remote host.
  • The administrator of the remote host computer has upgraded the system from Secure Shell version 1 server to Secure Shell version 2.
  • An intruder is trying to pose as the remote host computer.

If you encounter this situation, do not proceed with the connection. Contact the system administrator of the remote host computer (preferably by phone) and check the reason for the failed identification. Only proceed with the connection when you are sure that the error is not caused by an intruder.

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