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SSH Tectia 
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    About This Document>>
    Installing SSH Tectia Client >>
    Getting Started >>
    Configuring SSH Tectia Client >>
        Defining Profile Settings >>
        Defining Global Settings >>
            Defining the Appearance
            Selecting the Font
            Defining Messages
            Authenticating Users
            Managing Keys
            Managing Custom Keys
            Managing Certificates
            Using SSH Accession Lite
            Managing PKCS #11 Providers
            Authenticating Servers
            Managing Host Keys
            Managing CA Certificates
            Defining LDAP Servers
            Defining Advanced File Transfer Options
            Defining File Transfer Mode
            Defining Proxy Settings
            Defining Security Settings
        Editing the Configuration Files >>
        Using Command-Line Options
        Customizing the User Interface>>
    Connecting to a Remote Host Computer>>
    Transferring Files>>
    Tunneling Applications>>
    GUI Reference>>
    Troubleshooting >>
    Command-Line Tools >>

Selecting the Font

The font used in the terminal window can be selected using the Font page of the Settings dialog. The new font setting affects the terminal window immediately when you click OK To discard the changes, click Cancel.

Figure : The Font page of the Settings dialog

  • Font Name

    Select the desired font from the Font Name list. The list displays the non-proportional (fixed-width) fonts installed in your local computer. Note that proportional fonts are not suitable for the terminal window and therefore are not available for selection.

  • Font Size

    Select the desired font size from the Font Size list. Note that the font size affects the size of the terminal window: the smaller the selected font, the smaller the terminal window. However, after changing the font size, the size of the terminal window can be modified.

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