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SSH Tectia 
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Selecting Ciphers

On the Cipher List page of the Settings dialog you can control which ciphers can be used for the connection. This selection defines what encryption methods will be available when using the Cipher List encryption algorithm setting.

Figure : Select your preferred encryption algorithms with the Cipher List page

The following algorithms can be selected:

  • AES128

  • AES192

  • AES256

  • 3DES

  • Blowfish

  • CAST

  • Twofish128

  • Twofish192

  • Twofish256

  • Arcfour

  • DES

    DES (Data Encryption Standard) is a legacy cipher that is not considered to be cryptographically secure. DES is only included for compatibility with some older protocol versions. It is strongly recommended that DES is not used.

You can change the cipher order of preference with the Up and Down buttons.

  • Up

    You can give a cipher a higher priority by clicking it with the mouse, and then clicking the Up button. The selected algorithms that are located at the top of the list are preferred.

    SSH Tectia Client will try to use the first selected algorithm in the connection. If that algorithm is not supported by the remote host computer, the client software will try the next selected algorithm on the list, and so on.

  • Down

    To give a cipher a lower priority rating, select it with the mouse, and then click the Down button.

Select the check box next to each algorithm to include it in the list of available algorithms. An algorithm marked with a check mark is available for use.

To use your personal list of preferred encryption algorithms, select Cipher List as the encryption algorithm on the Connection page of the Settings dialog. For more information, see Section Defining Connection Settings.

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