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SSH Tectia 
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The following command-line parameters can be used to further specify the scp2 options.

  • -D debug_level_spec

    Sets debug level (syntax is module=level).

  • -d

    Forces target to be a directory.

  • -q

    Makes scp2 quiet (only fatal errors are displayed).

  • -Q

    Hides the progress indicator.

  • -p

    Preserves file timestamps.

  • -u

    Removes source files after copying.

  • -B

    Sets batch mode on.

  • --interactive

    Prompts whether to overwrite an existing destination file (does not work with -B).

  • -I

    Prompts whether to overwrite an existing destination file (does not work with -B).

  • --overwrite[=no]

    Prompts whether to overwrite existing destination file(s) (default: yes).

  • -r

    Recurses subdirectories.

  • -a[arg]

    Transfers files in ASCII mode. See manual page for description of optional argument.

  • --verbose

    Verbose mode, equivalent to -D 2.

  • -v

    Verbose mode, equivalent to -D 2.

  • -c cipher

    Selects encryption algorithm. Multiple -c options are allowed and a single -c flag can have only one cipher.

  • -S ssh2-path

    Tells scp2 where to find ssh2.

  • -P ssh2-port

    Tells scp2 which port sshd2 listens to on the remote machine.

  • -b buffer-size

    Defines maximum buffer size for one request (default 32768 bytes).

  • -N max_requests

    Defines maximum number of concurrent requests (default 10).

  • -m fileperm[:dirperm]

    Sets the default file/dir permission bits for upload.

  • -o ssh2-options

    Specifies additional options for ssh2. The format is -o "ConfigKeyword=value".

  • -i

    Specifies the identification file to give to ssh2. The identification file can also be specified in the configuration file.

  • -k dir

    Custom configuration directory where ssh2_config, hostkeys and userkeys are located.

  • -K

    Specifies the identity key file to give to ssh2. The specified key file is applied first. Multiple -K options are allowed. The key file can also be specified in the configuration file.

  • --version

    Displays version.

  • -V

    Displays version.

  • --help

    Displays help.

  • -h

    Displays help.

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