SshSftFileAttributesRec Struct Reference

Data Fields

SshSftFileAttrFlags flags
SshSftFileType type
SshSftUInt64 size
char * owner
char * group
SshSftUInt32 uid
SshSftUInt32 gid
SshSftTime create_time
SshSftTime modify_time
SshSftTime access_time
SshSftUInt32 permissions

Detailed Description

Data structure for representing file attributes.

Field Documentation

SshSftFileAttrFlags flags

Flags that specify which attributes are present.

SshSftFileType type

The type of the file.

SshSftUInt64 size

The size of the file.

char* owner

User name of the owner of the file.

char* group

Group name of the owner of the file.

SshSftUInt32 uid

User ID owning the file.

SshSftUInt32 gid

Group id owning the file.

SshSftTime create_time

Time of creation.

SshSftTime modify_time

Time of last modification.

SshSftTime access_time

Time of last access.

SshSftUInt32 permissions

Permissions of the file. This is in UNIX format.