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SshSftOffsetRec Struct Reference

Data Fields

SshSftUInt64 read
SshSftUInt64 write
SshSftUInt64 len
SshSftBoolean truncate
SshSftUInt64 truncate_len
SshSftUInt64 start_ret
SshSftUInt64 end_ret
SshSftUInt64 total_len_ret

Detailed Description

Offsets used in file copy.

Field Documentation

SshSftUInt64 end_ret

The returned offset in the source file. The file copy really ended to this offset.

SshSftUInt64 len

The number of bytes to be copied.

SshSftUInt64 read

Read offset in the source file.

SshSftUInt64 start_ret

The returned offset in the source file. The file copy really started from this offset.

SshSftUInt64 total_len_ret

The returned size of the source file.

SshSftBoolean truncate

Option that specifies whether destination file is truncated/expanded.

SshSftUInt64 truncate_len

If 'truncate' is set to TRUE, the destination file is truncated/expanded to size 'truncate_len'.

SshSftUInt64 write

Write offset in the destination file.

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