How to report a suspected violation

Whistleblowing takes place when someone reports suspected internal or external misconduct or violation of law, regulations, human rights, labor practices, SSH policies or similar within the operations of SSH Group or by its personnel.

Whistleblowing can be carried out by the personnel of SSH Group or by any other external stakeholders. All SSH personnel are encouraged to speak out their concerns related to any suspicions of fraud, violation, misconduct or unethical behavior. The primary channels for employees regarding these issues is to contact your supervisor, who can then escalate the matter as needed.

The whistleblower system is not for questions regarding employment, commercial inquires, customer complaints, product support or general questions. If you believe a violation or misconduct has occurred within the SSH Group, we encourage you to report your concerns directly to us, via your usual contact person or if this cannot be used for any reason, it is possible to report through general e-mail address You will receive guidance as you proceed.

All situations are handled with due consideration and in strict confidence. While whistleblowing process may be carried out anonymously, it is recommended, for investigational and communications reasons, that the communication be made with the whistleblower’s name included, allowing further communication and questions.