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March 4, 2024

Miikka Sainio, CTO, has been appointed to SSH Communications Security Executive Management Team

SSH Communications Security Announcements by CEO

Miikka Sainio has been appointed to the SSH Communications Security (“SSH”) Executive Management Team (LT).

SSH’s DNA and core competence is in cybersecurity innovations. Ever since launching the Secure Shell protocol  - a revolution in securing millions of critical and sensitive connections without passwords – we have laid the foundation for a secure internet. 

Even though we have come a long way as a high-tech software solutions company, we still strive to be a technology leader for a safer world. Our mission is to help customers move to Zero Trust, establish proper Operational Technology (OT) security, and get ready for the Quantum-Safe future. 

With PrivX Zero Trust Suite (never trust – always verify), we drive organizations to finally get rid of (having to manage) passwords and keys – the compromised credentials that are the biggest threat in cybersecurity. Miikka has been the driving force for the development of this unique offering on the Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) market. 

For over two decades, we have been building technology to secure the internet with strong authentication and encryption – this is now potentially under threat with the emergence of the Quantum Computing Era. These new types of computers may render current encryption and secrets useless in a matter of hours in the near future. 

Therefore, SSH has taken the lead again and added Quantum-Safe (Post-Quantum Cryptography) solutions to its portfolio, starting in 2022 – and as the first in the market. We have also led a prominent PQC program, which was rewarded with the Annual Cybersecurity Award 2022 in Finland. 

OT, critical infrastructure, manufacturing, and logistics are under the biggest threat of cyberattacks and ransomware. To thwart these threats, SSH introduced a digital gatekeeper for OT access (PrivX OT Edition) in 2022. Two of the top six global pulp and paper companies have secured their industrial access with us during the past year.

"I'm excited to see that the work we have done in the past years has started to bear fruit. I'm proud of the people we have and the technology we have created. The work that we do matters, and the software we create is important. It ensures that ultimately through authentications, connection, and data security, people are safe. And people matter,” says Miikka Sainio. 

Miikka possesses an excellent technological drive to commercialize rightly timed technology developments (such as AI) to market across businesses and regions. He has worked in global technology companies, such as Nokia, and with startups. He has been with SSH since 2016.  

I’m very pleased to have Miikka in his new position. 

Rami Raulas 

Interim CEO 



Rami Raulas

Rami has been a member of the company’s Executive Management Team since 2021 as Head of the EMEA Region and has been with the company since 2016. Rami is a seasoned sales leader with a background of international leadership positions in sales and business management, marketing, and product management in global...

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