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January 3, 2019

PrivX 5: lean PAM with a bigger ecosystem

SSH.COM is proud to announce the release of version 5 of PrivX. With this release, we decided to mostly focus on expanding and tweaking existing features of the product to give our customers even more bang for the buck.

PrivX 5 includes five great new features

1. Single sign-on to PrivX using Google GSuite as the identity provider

2. Limiting RDP user access to specific applications on the target server

3. Sending audit events to AWS CloudWatch Events or Azure Event Hubs

4. SSH agent on Mac and Linux now supports credentialess access for AWS CLI access

5. Native SSH client connections to Virtual Private Clouds

I will cover these key features in more detail below. You can find more information about what'new to v5 in the release notes

SSO with GSuite

As you might already know, PrivX lets you map existing user groups to PrivX access roles to allow SSO for privileged users. To give our customers even more freedom of choice, we have added Google's GSuite to our family of identity service providers. The single sign-on ecosystem just keeps on growing! GSuite

Limiting RDP user access to specific applications on the target server

We've given our Windows users more control over application access. With regards to privileged RDP connections‚ you can now restrict which applications each user is allowed to access on the target Windows host. You can also specify restricted applications to each host user separately.RDP_access_limit_per_app

Audit events to AWS CloudWatch Events or Azure Event Hubs

I know I am biased but I do love the PrivX UI. One of the reasons is that PrivX generates both detailed audit events and easy-to-digest summaries of them. But sometimes it makes sense to send those events from the beautiful PrivX UI to other systems, since they need some love too! That is why it is now possible to forward audit events to monitoring and management services and log collectors, such as AWS CloudWatch Events or Azure Event Hubs. CloudWatch

Mac & Linux SSH agent supports credentialess access with AWS CLI

I know that some developers just love their command line tools. I get it: it makes them feel both hardcore and warm and fuzzy at the same time. But we at SSH.COM are so serious about credentialess access that we wanted to extend the concept to the AWS Command Line Interface. Say goodbye to messing with access keys: it's time to enjoy the convenience of credentialess access through AWS CLI!

Native SSH client connections to Virtual Private Clouds

PrivX Extender allows access to Virtual Private Clouds that have no public IP address and sit behind firewalls. Previously, accessing VPCs was possible only through the PrivX UI. Now you can use a native SSH client to access Virtual Private Clouds, since also this traffic can be directed through PrivX with the help of PrivX Extender.  PrivX_client_extender

So, what are you waiting for...

...go ahead give PrivX a (second) try! You get the PrivX experience in your browser, there's no commitment, and you'll get friendly walk-through guidance on screen..

For all the techie talk details, check out the PrivX 5 release details. To see that the price is right, check out the shop.



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Jussi Mononen

Jussi is responsible for SSH's strategic and corporate development and investor relations. He is a 30-year IT industry veteran who is old enough to have coded in Fortran and Ada before switching to the business side of things.

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