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May 16, 2024

Expert Insights: A Conversation about OT Security with Massimo Nardone, VP of OT Security at SSH Communications Security

Massimo Nardone, VP of OT Security at SSH Communications Security, provides valuable insights into the current OT security landscape and how to tackle its challenges effectively.


According to Massimo (picture below), IT/OT convergence remains a major trend in 2024. He states, "There is an increased level of integration between IT and OT systems to create a unified system."


Additionally, the adoption of Zero Trust architecture and the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for threat detection are becoming increasingly important for organizations today.

When discussing the crucial role of access management, Massimo emphasized its significance in ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and reliability of OT systems.

He explains: "Access management is crucial to prevent unauthorized access, for any kind of inside threats, or cybersecurity attacks. You have to ensure that the authentication methods are provided, so there are strong multi-factor authentication methods to access the critical systems. I would say that the data and the systems must be secured, especially in the OT environment."



Watch the full interview below:


Alina Preda

Alina is SSH’s Junior Communications Specialist, wielding over 7 years of experience as a journalist and content writer across various domains. In 2023, she shifted her focus from media to cybersecurity, where she continues to bring stories to life, craft compelling narratives, and bridge connections.

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