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June 13, 2019

Thank you for a great CMD!

It is hard to overemphasize the importance of a company management team meeting investors face-to-face.

We held our first Capital Markets Day in quite some time on June 10, 2019 and the event drove the point home: we were able to present the new SSH200 growth vision to a packed house, expand on some of the details, and have lively and constructive discussions with both investors and analysts.

Some of the highlights included inspiring remarks by our Chairman, Petri Kuivala, about the power of goals in both personal and corporate development, and presentations and videos from our customers and partners about their positive experiences with PrivX®.

Kaisa (our CEO, you know) quoted a very apt maxim in her presentation: "A good goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot." That is definitely how we feel about the SSH200 Growth Vision.

Growing our business by a factor of 10 is not an easy undertaking but it just the sort of Big Hairy Audacious Goal* that inspires us to take SSH to the next level.

The SSH200 vision combines our desire to

  • create shareholder value
  • take the company to the next level, and
  • create new opportunities for everybody in the company to learn and develop as professionals.

The positive and supportive response from the crowd at the CMD was a great boost for us and it gives us even stronger confidence that our Big Hairy Audacious Goal is indeed reachable.

The insightful comments and questions from both investors and analysts also gave us food for thought and help us focus on areas that we still need to develop in our thinking and planning.

Buoyed by the success of the event, we plan to make the CMD a permanent fixture in our investor calendar.

Hope to see you at our next CMD!

You can download the materials presented at the CMD from the link below this post (sans the videos to make the file size a bit more manageable).

*I hate to say it but BHAG is not my creation; the term was coined by Steven Collins and Jerry Porras in their 1994 book Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies.

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Jussi Mononen

Jussi is responsible for SSH's strategic and corporate development and investor relations. He is a 30-year IT industry veteran who is old enough to have coded in Fortran and Ada before switching to the business side of things.

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