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SSH Communications Security observes NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd’s insider guidelines. The company maintains a public and company-specific register using Euroclear´Finland Oy’s Sire system.

Insiders subject to disclosure requirements are the members of SSH Communications Security’s Board of Directors, the CEO, and the chief auditor of the accounting firm. The company also defines the members of SSH Communications Security’s Group Management Team as insiders subject to disclosure requirements. The share ownership of all insiders subject to disclosure requirements has been made public.

SSH Communications Security also maintains permanent company-specific registers of people who regularly receive inside information due to their position or duties. Their share ownership has not been made public. When necessary, registers of project-specific insiders are also kept.

Silent period

SSH Communications Security follows a silent period from the end of the reported quarter until the publication of its financial information. During this time SSH Communications Security refrains from contact with representatives of the capital markets and financial media.

Silent periods during the financial year 2014:

  • 1 January - 6 February
  • 1 April - 24 April
  • 1 July - 23 July
  • 1 October - 22 October

Insiders belonging to the public or company specific insider register are not allowed to trade in securities issued by the company during silent period prior to the announcement of an interim report and the financial statement bulletin (closed window).The said permanent insiders are allowed to trade in securities issued by the company without a prior approval of the company's CFO only for a period of 21 days after the announcement of the interim report and the financial statement bulletin of the company (open window).

Disclosure Policy

SSH Communications Security Group’s parent company, SSH Communications Security Corporation, is domiciled in Helsinki, Finland, and its share is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. In its communications SSH Communications Security observes Finnish and EU legislation, the rules of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd, the regulations of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, as well as the principles set out in the Company’s Corporate Governance Statement. SSH Communications Security’s communications are based on facts and objectivity, and guided by the general principles of trustworthiness, openness and timeliness.