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Starting and Stopping on AIX

If the server needs to be started or stopped manually on AIX platforms, use the System Resource Controller (SRC) of the operating system.

To start Tectia Server, enter command:

startsrc -s ssh-tectia-server

To stop Tectia Server, enter command:

stopsrc -s ssh-tectia-server

On AIX, using startsrc starts two ssh-server-g3 processes. One process is so-called service launcher that interfaces with the SRC and the actual SSH server process. By using a separate service launcher, the SRC is able to start a new server process in the case that old server process has been stopped but it is still serving open connections.

You can also use ssh-server-ctl (Tectia Server control utility) to start and stop the server, but it will actually call the AIX system resource controller.

To start Tectia Server with the control utility, enter:

ssh-server-ctl start

To stop Tectia Server with the control utility, enter:

ssh-server-ctl stop




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