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February 23, 2024

SSH joins the AIQUSEC consortium to advance quantum-safe access management for critical infrastructure

The AI-Based Quantum-Secure Cybersecurity Automation and Orchestration in the Edge Intelligence of Future Networks (AIQUSEC) project is set to revolutionize cybersecurity. Focused on measurable advances, especially in access, edge services, and operational technology (OT), the project aims to reshape the digital security landscape.

The digital era brings unprecedented opportunities but also new cybersecurity challenges. The AIQUSEC project recognizes the need for scalable, effective, and efficient cybersecurity solutions to safeguard against evolving threats. Key focus areas of the project include enhanced device and sensor security, security assurance and quantum safety, and AI-driven automation solutions.

With the advances in quantum computing, the vulnerabilities of traditional encryption methods come to the forefront. The project is dedicated to pioneering quantum-safe migration development, ensuring the resilience of communications and infrastructures in the face of advancing technology.

The AIQUSEC project is not just theoretical – it is a practical innovation with tangible outcomes. The aim is to design a state-of-the-art security assurance and validation environment, featuring a cybersecurity system integration reference model. This will be applied across critical sectors such as telecommunications, water utilities, physical access solutions, and remote work scenarios.  

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SSH’s role in the AIQUSEC project

SSH Communications Security (SSH), an industry leader in secure access management, is at the forefront of the quantum revolution. In collaboration with AIQUSEC, SSH will implement access management technology featuring a quantum-safe mechanism. This strategic move is set to redefine secure remote network connections, especially for critical infrastructure.

As part of our continuous pursuit of innovation, we are extensively exploring configuration and deployment automation. Our primary aim is to revolutionize the efficiency of upgrades and management tasks, particularly in areas demanding high scalability.

Beyond that, we are exploring the potential integration of AI/ML decision support systems, harnessing the power of UEBA (User-Entity Behavior Analytics), and leveraging client-server connection metadata for advanced anomaly detection.

This forward-thinking approach aligns with SSH's long-standing commitment to pioneering Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) and quantum-safe research and development. Our strategic investment emphasizes the creation of a competitive advantage, underpinned by a meticulously crafted and scalable infrastructure for quantum-safe solutions.

This development not only fortifies our present portfolio but also stands as a key facilitator for a seamless transition toward embracing PQC and AI technologies in the future.

NOTE: The AIQUSEC project is part of the Nokia Veturi program supported by Business Finland.


Ilpo Ruohonen

VP, Technical Product Management and R&D

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