Tectia MobileID

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The Next-Generation in Two-Factor Authentication. Save Time, Save Money, Use it Anywhere

Tectia MobileID increases security by requiring both something that the user knows – a user name and password – and something that the user has – a mobile phone enabled to display a one-time passcode.

Save Time

Activate new users, partners and ad-hoc accounts in minutes compared to days or weeks. With Tectia MobileID there are no tokens to manage and nothing to install on the user's mobile phone. Better yet, Tectia MobileID integrates seamlessly with user directories so you can quickly get up and running with your existing user profiles. Learn how Stockman Lowered Costs and Gained Greater Efficiency with Mobile Authentication Download the Case Study

Save Time

Save Money

With no hardware to buy, maintain or replace Tectia MobileID can significantly lower your out of pocket expenses. Because Tectia MobileID is compatible with any SMS enabled phone – something the user already has – there are no distribution and shipping costs. In addition, with its streamlined setup and easy user deployment staff resources can be redirected to higher priority tasks. Download the Datasheet

Save Money

Use it Anywhere

Wherever you need it, Tectia MobileID can be enabled to allow multiple authentication methods including hardware tokens, software tokens, e-mail and password lists. The wide range of available methods allows strong authentication where mobile service is not available.

Use it Anywhere

Works with Existing Infrastructure

Tectia MobileID works with existing business applications and services, such as VPNs, Juniper, F5, Citrix, Cisco, Checkpoint and web services and can be enable to work with new services with minimal changes to network architecture and user experience. Secure Authentication for Theater Academy Helsinki Users on the Move Download the Case Study

Existing Infrastructure

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