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Apr 24 2014

SSH Communication Security´s Q1 2014 Interim report was published on Thursday 24 April.

A conference for Finnish media, investors and analysts was held on the same day at the company premises in Takomotie 8, Helsinki. The report was presented by CEO Tatu Ylönen. Please note that the conference was held in Finnish. The presentation material is available at the following link SSH Q1 IR presentation

May 14 2014 04:30 pm

SSH Communications Security ja Suominen Oyj esittelytilaisuus

SSH Communications Security ja Suominen Oyj esittelytilaisuus

Tilaisuus Espoon ja Kauniaisten Osakesäästäjille 14.5.2014 klo 16.30-n. 18.30

Esitelysmateriaali tilaisuudesta: Espoon-Kauniaisten Osakesäästäjät

Sep 16 2014 05:00 pm Sep 16 2014 07:00 pm


Helsingin Osakesäästäjät ry

16.9.2014 klo 17.00-19.00 Radison SAS Seaside Hotelli

Oriola KD
SSH Communications Security

Esitelysmateriaali tilaisuudesta

Oct 22 2014 11:00 am

Press Conference on SSH Communications Security's Q3 2014 Quarterly Report

SSH Communication Security´s Q3 2014 Quarterly report was published on Wednesday 22 October and a conference for Finnish media, investors and analysts was held at 11:00 am EET at the company premises at Takomotie 8, Helsinki.

Download the presentation slides

Jan 01 2015 Dec 31 2015

Financial Reporting in 2015

During 2015 SSH Communications Security Corporation publishes the following financial information:

  • Financial Statements Bulletin February 5, 2015
  • Annual Report Week 9
  • Interim Report, First quarter April 21, 2015
  • Interim Report, First two quarters July 23, 2015
  • Interim Report, First three quarters October 22, 2015

SSH Communications Security Corporation's Annual General Meeting is planned to be held on Wednesday March 25, 2015 in Helsinki, Finland.

SSH Communications Security Corporation observes a silent period prior to the publication of its financial statements and interim reports starting at the end of the quarter in question.