Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors was elected at the Company's last Annual General Meeting in March 2014. The members are Timo Syrjälä, Päivi Hautamäki and Tatu Ylönen.

At the organizing meeting of the Board of Directors following the 2014 Annual General Meeting Timo Syrjälä was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

SSH Communications Security Board Members

Timo Syrjälä,

Board Chairman

  • Chairman of the Board Maijos Oy 

  • Chairman of the Board 2014

Timo Syrjälä has more than 30 years of experience in capital markets and has spent the last 10 years as a private investor and a non-executive director in several firms. Prior to joining the Board of SSH Communications Security, he served on the Boards of several leading technology firms including Stonesoft and Efore. Earlier in his career, Timo held executive and managerial positions in management consulting, asset management and investment banking in Finland.

Timo has a Master of Science degree from Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration (now called Aalto University).


Päivi Hautamäki

Päivi Hautamäki,

Board Member

  • General Counsel at Eltel Group

  • Board member since 2012

  • Chairman of the Board 2012-2013

Päivi Hautamäki has extensive experience of more than 15 years in energy, IT and industry field. She is the General Counsel at Eltel Group. Prior to joining the company in 2012, she was the General Counsel at F-Secure Corporation, an anti-virus and computer security and computer software company, the Legal Counsel at Fortum Oyj, a Finnish energy company, and the General Counsel at Winwind Ltd, a wind turbine manufacturer. She is also a member of the IPR committee of the Board of Central Chamber of Commerce in Finland and a Member of the Board of Finnish Industrial Lawyers.

Päivi has a Master of Law degree from Helsinki University.

Tatu Ylönen

Tatu Ylönen,

Board Member

  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SSH Communications Security
  • Board member since 1995

While working as a researcher at Helsinki University of Technology, Tatu Ylönen began working on a solution to combat a password-sniffing attack that targeted the university's networks. What resulted was the development of the Secure Shell (SSH), a security technology that would quickly replace vulnerable rlogin, TELNET and rsh protocols as the gold-standard for data-in-transit security.

Tatu has been a key driver in the emergence of security technology including SSH & SFTP protocols and co-author of globally recognized IETF standards. He has been with SSH Communications Security since its inception in 1995 holding various roles including CEO, CTO and as a Board Member.

In October 2011 Tatu returned as Chief Executive Officer of SSH Communications Security, bringing his exceptional experience as a security innovator to the company's product line. He is charting an exciting new course for the future of the space that he invented.

Tatu holds a Master of Science degree from Aalto University, Finland.