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Jul 11 2015

3rd Party & Supply Chain Access Must Be a Core Element of Enterprise Security Strategies

In today's digital world, access is everything. It is the fundamental pillar that determines whether critical enterprise assets are safe or exposed. Knowing the answers to the questions: who is accessing what?, where are they accessing information from?, why they are accessing information?, and what exactly are they accessing?; these are the basic questions which stand between a breach and brand…

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SSH Communications By SSH Communications
Jun 25 2015

Secure Shell Support Coming To Windows

In early June, Microsoft announced something that surprised many; namely that they will be supporting Secure Shell (SSH) in their PowerShell tool used by many system administrators, developers and power users. The move would make not only the SSH client native on Windows, but would also make the SSH server native as well. Microsoft would also contribute code to the OpenSSH project – huge news to anyone who has followed the history of Microsoft and open…

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Jun 9 2015

Key rotation alone doesn’t solve our SSH user key problems

Breaches pertaining to SSH user keys are insidious. There are two primary reasons behind this. First, most organizations do not have comprehensive inventories of what trusts are valid for SSH user keys and do not carefully differentiate between those dedicated for interactive usage and those for service accounts. Secondly, most organizations do not engage in a continuous monitoring of key based authentication and lack a clear understanding from what source IP addresses SSH user keys may and should authenticate. Based on this alone it is difficult for organizations to ascertain whether a trust is rogue, and are usually chasing the breach rather than pre-empting it.  So few security professionals are able to remediate against these type of breaches simply because the existing legacy trusts in the environment must be understood prior to being able to take any…

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SSH Communications By SSH Communications
Jun 2 2015

Day 1 of Infosecurity Europe conference is underway

Wow what a day it has been for our crew at Infosecurity Europe 2015! Our booth was ready to welcome visitors first thing in the morning, and throughout the day there was a steady stream of people wanting to learn more about Privileged Access Management approach from the creators of SSH protocol.

SSH Booth

Key demos we have on tap are SSH Universal Key manager and CryptoAuditor. Here’s James demoing how CryptoAuditor can help businesses get the transparency they need for building their businesses further, without harming productivity in the…

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Mar 11 2015

North South East West People & Machines - Privileged Access Management for the Cloud Does Not Have to Be Painful

When considering privileged access management challenges organizations face today, you can simply spin around in circles considering all the angles that need to be considered from a privileged user and M2M perspective. There is no doubt, a great infrastructural transformation is ongoing seeing more and more critical business application functions being moved to private, public and hybrid clouds. With this in mind, the consideration of how we monitor, control and audit our encrypted traffic and privileged access to and from the cloud, and between and within clouds is becoming a security necessity forcing us to rethink how we approach this…

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Jan 5 2015

2015 - The Guardians of the Mainframe Legacy

Another year has come and gone. For me, this is my 32nd anniversary in the IT field and the 21st in Security. Time has certainly flown by since punch cards, reel-to-reel tape, and thermal paper operator consoles. Physical security of locked Data Centers, IT cabinets, and closets and wired terminals are long in the past. No one envisioned the Internet of Everything and the…

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Dec 8 2014

Cooler Heads Will Prevail

When thinking of IT security trends, I don’t think I would be on the wrong track if I would dub the year 2014 as “The Year of Open Source Vulnerability”. In the same vein, past couple of years could be called “The Year of Snowden” and “The Year of Multiple Web Site Breaches which Resulted in Millions of Stolen Credit Card Numbers”, in no particular…

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Nov 27 2014

Do You Fulfill Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s General Principles for Technology Risk Management?

The commencement of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect represents not only increasing cross-border trading, but also continuously growing data exchange between financial institutions such as stock exchange authorities, banks, and brokerage firms.

The machine-to-machine (M2M) transactions that power the automation of critical business operations and data transfers are typically protected with some form of data-in-transit…

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Nov 11 2014

A Video Is Worth a Million Words

It is a well-known fact that system administrators with root-level privileges have wider access to company’s critical information assets than the C-level executives. With great power comes great responsibility, and most people will also act responsibly. But as an information security officer, would you trust this power and responsibility to someone you cannot identify or whose actions you cannot verify…

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Oct 27 2014

[Infographic] 4 Steps to Secure Shell Key Management Bliss

Secure Shell is an essential component in the day-to-day functions for many IT professionals. In fact, a recent Forrester study found 82% of organizations use Secure Shell and 68% consider Secure Shell important or critical to their business.

While most enterprises use Secure Shell to run and maintain essential business processes, few have ever examined their deployment process of Secure Shell. Secure Shell keys are often created without any oversight or management, and the elevated privileges that accompany Secure Shell keys means there is a higher risk for data breaches and compliance…

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Oct 7 2014

Potential Pitfalls of MAS TRM Guidelines

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) revised its Technology Risk Management Guidelines (TRM) in June 2013. Financial Institutions (FI) operating in Singapore have since been reviewing the guidelines against their own security procedures and infrastructures, to determine necessary enhancements to match the new requirements. While the guidelines are not legally binding, MAS uses them when performing risk assessments of the…

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Oct 1 2014

Heartbleed and Shellshock – Different Vulnerabilities, Same Lesson

Just last month we hosted a webinar called “Heartbleed – You Stopped the Bleeding but Did You Fix the Problem?”. Heartbleed allows an attacker to retrieve the contents of memory from vulnerable servers. As a result, any private credentials that might have been resident in memory can no longer be considered private. That is why many enterprises and public facing web services advised their users to change their…

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Sep 7 2014

Elliptic Curves and More: Universal SSH Key Manager Version 1.3.3

The latest version of Universal SSH Key Manager brings an important update: support for elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) keys. If you’re not familiar with ECC, suffice it to say that it’s an approach to public-key cryptography based on elliptic curves which is said to provide the same level of security as traditional RSA or DSA but with smaller key sizes while also using faster and lighter…

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