Lean secure access. With no credential risk.

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Don't let secure access slow DevOps down

Agile teams:

Scale securely at the speed of cloud.

In DevOps everything’s lean, except access. You need to move fast but your privileged access admin is stuck in the old static world. It costs you time and money with every new server, patch and permission.

Major organizations handle millions of access keys internally and externally every day. Even mid-sized businesses cannot safely cope with their staggering amount of keys as they embrace the cloud.

Lost keys and SysAdmin passwords are the jackpot for hackers. Every IT professional knows their colleagues are the weakest link! The only way forward is to permanently remove unmanaged keys and get rid of passwords from SysAdmin access to cloud and server environments. What does not exist cannot be stolen.

Stop wasting time and money with key management. Revolutionize your server access, visibility and maintenance.

Unlock innovation. With no keys.


DevOps and data-driven organizations need instant secure access to their cloud and on-premise assets – with no business penalty, no loss of production time.


Access management is loaded with OPEX pressure. We must simplify monitoring, provisioning, maintenance – and automate everything with no costly deployment or training.


Traditional access management is overly complex, expensive and not cloud-friendly. To scale securely we need role-based access for agile teams and vendors – and to get rid of passwords and vaults.

Zero inertia. Zero friction. Zero passwords. YeSSH!

PrivX delivers business velocity

Identity and access is the bottleneck to cloud efficiency – and a persistent vulnerability.

Fix remote access with a lean and intuitive solution that frees up devs to do what they best.

PrivX offers
unlimited scale

Digital transformation is elastic and requires seamless ground-2-cloud operations.

Secure digitalX with no expensive consultants, deployment projects or extra server maintenance.

PrivX users never handle keys

Welcome to a world with no passwords, no vaults.

DigitalX with no unmanaged keys. Just dynamic, role-based, short-lived, on-demand SSH certificates.

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Lean up your secure access to the cloud.

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Say yeSSH to the speed of cloud!

SSH.COM PrivX is the next generation lean solution for trusted access management. It is designed to challenge and overcome the weaknesses of bloated password-based systems that cannot scale to the cloud cost-effectively.

Just say no…

  • No password rotation
  • No password vaulting
  • No server software to install or patch
  • No deployment projects or training
  • No CAPEX or consultants

Start saying yeSSH!

  • Dynamic on-demand access
  • Fast browser-based UI
  • Unlimited scale to cloud
  • Instant Deploy-It-Yourself
  • Low low low TCO

Designed for ease-of-use

Stunning admin UX and fast and intuitive GUI. Web-based terminal emulation with resizable windows. Multi-language support.

What is successful digital transformation?



Time to DigitalX

Time is the new currency of business.

Get your cloud servers under control in under

1 day



Lean DigitalX

Every admin action costs and delays production.

Cut down the 6 steps of traditional access provisioning to

1 step



Risk of DigitalX

Compliance doesn’t have to slow you down.

Fast secure access with zero passwords and

0 keys



Revolutionary secure access for agile teams.

Browser-based. No software on servers. No agents. No software on desktops. No passwords. No rotation. No vaults.

  • Stunning admin UX with fast and intuitive GUI, web-based terminal emulation with resizable windows and multi-language support.
  • Unified access management solution designed for on-premise and cloud.
  • Automatic discovery of Amazon AWS servers, Google Cloud and Azure instances without console region visibility pain.
  • Dynamic role-based access controls with intuitive workflows, implicit and explicit privileges, fast request/approval routines
  • Use existing SSH and RDP clients or use our clientless SSH and RDP web access.

  • Fast deployment with e.g. group memberships and access expiry defined in your existing Active Directory or LDAP, easy host config and automated deployment scripts.
  • Meet compliance and audit needs with control, tracking, and analysis of privileged access to your servers and data.
  • Eliminate passwords and SSH keys from servers. No management burden, no risk of them being hacked.
  • Microservices architecture with REST APIs for integration with SSH.COM solutions for e.g. advanced session monitoring and multi-factor authentication, as well as e.g. SIEM and analytics systems.

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