Hello, I am Tatu Ylonen, the inventor of Secure Shell, more commonly known as SSH.

The world needs safe, reliable, and trusted communications and computing. That was the reason I developed SSH 20 years ago, and that's the reason I'm still at it today.

At SSH Communications Security, I work with the best security engineers and cryptographers in the world to help customers secure their business. I recommend you look into SSH key management, SSH tunneling, and DevOps access management. Please follow me on Twitter to get regular updates on top security topics.

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SSH Communications Security

SSH Communications Security (NASDAQ OMX: SSH1V) is a leading provider of enterprise cybersecurity solutions. Our solutions enable, control, and audit trusted access in critical environments.

Our technology secures the infrastructure of your digital life. The servers, the data. We are present in over 90% of all data centers in the world – on-premise and in the cloud.

More than ever, the physical world we live in also depends on computers. Retail, banking, transportation, government, military. Our technology is everywhere in the critical infrastructure.

With over 20 years of history and dozens of relevant patents, we understand access and security like no other.

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