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SSH for Windows for Secure Remote Login and File Transfers

Different versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system continue to dominate corporate IT environments. Windows is the most common computing platform on the corporate desktop and Windows Servers are used extensively in various roles within corporate IT infrastructure. In its different forms, Windows is present in nearly every enterprise network on the globe.

SSH for Windows - Filling the Void

Despite its immense popularity, Windows does have its shortcomings. Perhaps the most noteworthy of these is the lack of native SSH (Secure Shell) functionality. Windows lacks a built-in, native, capability for secure communications over the SSH protocol. The lack of a native SSH for Windows means that this important security component must be acquired and installed separately.

SSH Communications Security is the original inventor of the Secure Shell protocol, and Tectia SSH is the original SSH implementation. Tectia SSH Servers and Clients are the market leading Windows SSH solutions and available today.

SSH server for Windows

Free SSH client

Secure File Transfers, Remote System Management, Unix/Linux Integration

SSH is an essential security tool and it is used in practically all corporate networks for secure remote administrative logins, secure file transfers, and various machine-to-machice automation tasks.

SSH allows:

  • Secure remote login to servers for administrative sessions. SSH is the dominant privileged access protocol, and it is used in 90% of the world's data centers. SSH protects user identities, authentication credentials, issued commands, and transferred files.
  • Secure File Transfers with SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). Secure file transfers are used to transfer sensitive data (such as credit card information, personal health records, system configurations, etc.) over non-trusted networks. Protecting this data is a compliance requirement in regulated industries.
  • Windows SSH functions as a key integration technology between the Windows and Unix/Linux worlds of most corporate networks. SSH provides Windows Administrators a familiar graphical representation of the filesystems of the Unix/Linux servers, and provides the command line to their Unix/Linux counterparts.

Enterprise-Grade SSH and SFTP for Windows

SSH Communications Security provides professionally developed and supported enterprise-grade Windows SSH Server and SSH Client implementations. Our SSH Server for Windows has been designed and developed for the Windows platform. It includes the full range of authetication options, supports secure file transfers with the built-in SFTP server, provides a Windows-native graphical user interface, and readily integrates with SSH key management to conform to corporate information security best practices and compliance mandates.

Large Scale - SSH Key Management also for Windows SSH Servers

On a small scale the SSH protocol protects the communications and identities of individual users. On an enterprise or large organization scale the SSH deployment needs to be extended with a solution that manages the SSH keys and the access they provide within the environment. SSH key management provides organizations with visibility, control, and management of trusted access with SSH.

SSH Communications Security supports large scale SSH and SSH key management deployments in regulated environments such as finance, energy, healthcare, and governmental agencies. SSH Communications is the SSH partner of choice for 40% of Fortune 500 companies. Our Tectia SSH solutions allow and enable our customers to meet and exceed the compliance mandates on their regulated markets.

Most of our customers face regulations such as:

Universal SSH Key Manager for SSH Key Lifecycle Management

SSH key management is an important compliance requirement. Tectia SSH Windows Server supports SSH key management with Universal SSH Key Manager.

Universal SSH Key Manager regains the control of corporate SSH environments without disrupting operations or business. Universal SSH Key Manager takes SSH user keys under centralized management and lifecycle control, and enables compliance to regulatory mandates.

Try the live online demo of Universal SSH Key Manager at:

Universal SSH Key Manager Online Demonstration Set-up

For more information see Universal SSH Key Manager product pages.

CryptoAuditor for Controlled Use of SSH / SFTP

When combined with a shared account management system such as CryptoAuditor SSH provides a secure, managed, and auditable control point for privileged access to server infrastructure. This point enforces the corporate security policy (by for example requiring 2-factor authentication), records the administrative actions and access (for service review, forensics, and statistics), and controls the actions (by for example limiting the transfer of restricted information even within encrypted channels).

Try the live online demo of CryptoAuditor at:

CryptoAuditor Online Demonstration Setup

For more information, see CryptoAuditor product pages.

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