Stop the chaos in ad

Secure your Active Directory

Restrict, monitor and right-size secure access to the core of your organization’s critical identities.

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Stop the chaos in ad

Secure your Active Directory

Restrict, monitor and right-size secure access to the core of your organization’s critical identities.

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Secure the beating heart
of your identity infrastructure

Active Directory (AD) is a Microsoft Windows directory service where IT administrators manage users, user groups, identities, credentials applications, data, and other critical elements of your organization

A compromised AD can put your entire organization’s identity management architecture at risk, allowing bad actors access to entire network segments, steal sensitive data or slip in ransomware for extortion.  

Our Zero Trust Suite helps you secure access to your AD while protecting our privileged credentials.


Secure administrative user and privileged access

Administrators and other privileged users often use domain user accounts with full privileged access to Active Directory. With our Zero Trust Suite, you add additional security controls, like biometric authentication, to powerful super user access. 

When full access is not needed, restrict admin access to the minimum required to get the job done to align with the principle of least privilege


Right-size every access per role per task and per target

Quickly grant application-specific or data-specific access on AD servers or outside. Our solution automatically links the right identity with the right role. 

Your users see only targets available for them and can only perform tasks granted them within their role. Your administrators can easily grant access to only specific applications and data using workflow approvals or allow, for example, view-only rights


Centralize the management of privileged AD credentials

Privileged credentials that allow access to Active Directory should be strictly controlled. The most secure way is to ensure this is to grant access just-in-time for the session, without allowing privileged users to handle or see any secrets needed for the connection.

This passwordless approach also eliminates the need to manage privileged credentials afterwards. Learn more about our approach to just-in-time access.


Track, monitor, record, and track AD access

Get a full audit trail of activities for all Active Directory access. Monitor critical sessions live and record them as needed. Send log files for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for further analysis or for forensics.

You can also use the recording for training other users if needed.


Who did what, when and with what rights in your Active Directory? 

Read our buyer's guide for privileged access management to learn how to protect your AD from unauthorized access.

PAM Buyer's Guide

Learn more about securing your Active Directory



Play in the big league. Elevate your access game with our Zero Trust Suite.

Zero Trust Suite


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