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Government Case Study


A federal government law enforcement agency had outsourced IT operations to maximize the flexibility and reduce costs. This presented concerns as third party contractors were now responsible for troubleshooting sensitive systems and applications.

This resulted in the agency’s internal environment becoming extremely complicated. Most traffic was protected by encryption protocols, for instance, Remote Desktop and SSH. The federal agency had no visibility or control into what privileged users were doing within the network. There was an immediate need to provide sufficient control and to be able to monitor processes for encrypted privileged connections.


SSH Communications Security partnered with the law enforcement agency to address the need for governance and securing privileged access with CryptoAuditor®. It is a transparent, network-based solution for monitoring encrypted connections at a designated network entry point.

CryptoAuditor® provided support for network level authentication, a secure authentication method commonly used in establishing a remote desktop connection that helps protect the remote computer from malicious users and software.

With CryptoAuditor®, the customer was able to re-gain real-time visibility, and further implement better privileged access management measures throughout all of there their sensitive systems and applications.


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