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Energy Industry Case Study


A multi-national oil and gas company needed to strengthen their security posture as well as address regulatory requirements across multiple segments of their business operations. Given the nature of the differing businesses and geographically dispersed applications the prospect of imposing a centralized, interoperable, and robust SSH user key management solution to control the privileged SSH access in a multi-vendor environment was a real concern.

The key management solution for this environment needed to be able to recognize and support the nuances and minute differences of all the deployed SSH server implementations – across varying versions and operating systems. The environment also utilized a number of privileged access elevation mechanisms and required a capability to track required approvals by application owners, both of which added to the overall deployment challenges. Furthermore, the deployment of the solution into the live production environment also required a transparent and non-disruptive installation process so as to not impact operations.


After a careful evaluation process, the customer chose Universal SSH Key Manager® as the solution for managing their global SSH environment. The deployment project was staged so that after each stage, the solution benefits were measured, analyzed, and acted upon. The customer’s security team worked closely with both SSH Communications Security and its local partner to ensure that all aspects of the customer requirements were noted, understood, and catered for in the deployed solution.

The customer was able to achieve a higher degree of privileged access security as well as address a key goal of compliance for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). The proactive approach in compliance and security work resulted in subsequent audits becoming effortless and streamlined. Proactively addressing the security, identity, and access management issues provided cost-effective improvements for the customer’s overall security posture and enhanced their operational efficiency as the automated management of keys reduced the manual workload of IT personnel. The multi-vendor support of Universal SSH Key Manager also allowed for the leveraging of earlier IT security investments without causing end-users to have to be negatively impacted.




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